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Do.My.Hair Salon@Orchard Central is formed by a group of experienced hair designers and technicians in Singapore. Our hair designers and associates have been in this business since year 2002 and have accumulated more than 16 years of experience in the beauty industry. All our Hair Designers have been certified and awarded for our hairdressing skills. Thus, qualifying us in providing absolute quality hair care services. Here at Do.My.Hair Salon, you get to meet a team of confident hair designers who have participated in styling beautiful models for many shows and runways. Our hair designers not only provide solutions to your hair problems, but also suggest better hairdo options for your utmost satisfaction. You can rest assured that your precious hair is in good hands!

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Our Team

Meet our team of experienced hairstylists who will ensure that you look your best at all times!

Renee Teoh

Hair Designer

Renee is best known for rebonding skills since the trend started many years ago. In year 2005, she was invited by Herworld Magazine for an editorial interview and shared many of her rebonding techniques for a beautiful yet flawless hair. Her article was published in Herworld Magazine in January the following year. Renee had attended numerous courses and classes from many famous luxury hair care brands such as Kerastase and Loreal. Renee scored excellent results and distinctions. She entered as one of the Top 3 finalists in representing Singapore Kerastase team to Milan and Japan for further training and exchange programme. There she met with many famous hair stylists; learnt all about hair products that is to learn, and unique techniques on hairdressing. With more than 16 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, you can be rest assured to entrust your beloved hair with her fine judgment and hair designing skills.

Ivy Thing

Hair Designer

With 17 years of experience in her pocket, Ivy Thing is an expert hair designer who received certificates from luxury hair care brands such as Loreal, Wella, and Keratese. Entrusted your hairs in her hands, her handiwork and final results will exceed your expectations. Ivy is amongst the Top Keratese Specialists and has gained invaluable hairdressing experience in South Korea. Ivy has regularly been engaged in styling and coloring hair for numerous models for fashion runway shows. Under her care, customers always feel at ease and thereafter, enjoy a great hair day!

Celia Lee

Hair Designer

Celia Lee takes pride in her 16 years of experience in hair styling and designing, particularly in hair coloring. Celia believes both hair style and hair color bring out one’s personality and individuality, as such she puts in much care to ascertain this to perfection. Celia is a recipient of many awards from luxury hair care brands such as Loreal and Wella. She is also well known for her world-class customer care; listens patiently and attentively to each and every customer’s needs and wants, ensuring that they are all met satisfactorily when they leave her salon!


Hair Technician

When a customer walks into our salon, it means that they trust us. I therefore have to make sure that I do my best not to betray the trust they have for us! Imagine having a customer who wants to rebond hair that is so long, it touches the floor. Most hairstylists would reject taking on such a customer as the price often doesn’t commensurate with the effort required. But not Joshua. Believing that everyone has an equal right to make themselves look good (and pretty), he took more than 8 hours to rebond her hair, even kneeling on the ground for more than 3-4 hours straight just to get her hair straightened. This is the type of dedication you can expect from Joshua, a passionate hairstylist who spent more than 6 years honing his craft. More like a brother than a hairstylist, Joshua takes the effort to connect with you to understand your pain and your preferences before connecting this knowledge with his observations on your face shape, head shape and dress sense to design a hairstyle that is suitable for you. His careful consideration and creativity for his customers may be why he enjoys such a strong following among customers who love his stylish men’s cuts as well as trendy highlights that add a buzz to your usual work-friendly hairstyle. Overall, this is one stylist we enjoyed chatting with – and one who wouldn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make your hair experience a special one.


Hair Technician

I do my best to ensure that all my customers enjoy the hair experience with me! Yvonne’s daring bright hair colours conceals a gentle thoughtful hairstylist who is very knowledgeable about hair and scalp. She may not be very talkative but let her take a look at your scalp and she is able to give you an explanation of your current scalp and hair condition and what you can do to improve your scalp. Her head massage is also very good, making her our top choice to go for if you want to try scalp treatment at Do My Hair. In fact, her head massage is so good that she has a number of customers who comes to her just to get their head washed. Other than her amazing head massage, we note that Yvonne is also very good with rebonding. Thanks to her extensive experience assisting key stylists, Yvonne has honed her rebonding skill so much so that every strand of hair is tamed while making sure that the hair still looks voluminous at the end of the day. While she may not be the most talkative, this is one stylist you can trust to do her best and help you achieve your desired hairstyle.


Hair Technician




I hope to bring happiness to the lives of everyone I meet. 

Yoyo is one of those stylists we just CAN'T STOP talking to, the moment we met her.

We're not sure what it is but there is just a certain magic that dissipates all our negative energy and thoughts once she flashes her megawatt smile and engages us in conversation. 

This bubbly stylist may look young but has accumulated years of experience hairdressing thanks to her Mom – a fellow hairdresser. In fact, she has already learned how to wash customers' hair since she was 5, a reason why why her hair massage is so phenomenal. Get your hair washed by her and you'll love how she is able to give your head the perfect head massage at all the right places. She could even tell what washing habits you may have just by looking at your scalp condition! She doesn't however disparage you like what other people may do because that's just not who she is.; this angel in disguise will gently share about scalp knowledge to help you get better on your own. 

As of now though, there is still room to improve on particularly in hair colours and other services. Given her drive to keep improving herself and intuitive focus to put customers first, Yoyo is definitely one up and coming stylist we're keeping our eyes on. 


Wash and Blow










Hair Styling


Hair Cuts





Fringe Cut


Children’s Hair Cut

(Below 12 years old)


Children’s Wash & Blow

(Additional with cut)



Color Glossing /

Color Treatment




Inoa Hair Color

(Ammonia Free)


Root Retouch





(Foil/Cap Technique)




Creative Balayage/

Ombre Color



Root Perm


Classic Body Perm


Korean Wave Perm


Special Perm

Special Curl, Pleat Wave, Plait 

Perm, Twist Perm


Ceramic/Digital Perm

C Curve, S Curve


Rebonding Perm


Classic Rebonding


Volume Rebonding


Fringe Rebonding


Omega rebonding/perm


Argan Oil Soft Rebonding


Tokio design inkarami treatment



Hair treatment


Tokio inkarami treatment


Scalp Treatment


Pre-Color Care /

Pre-Perm Care


Post-Color Care /

Post-Perm Care


Smart Bond 2 step





Rebonding / Digital Perm Short Medium Long
Haircut + Rebonding / Digital Perm $265 $295 $325++
Pre Treatment + Post Treatment $355 $385 $435++
*Additional $30 for Volume Rebonding
Argan Oil Soft Rebonding Short Medium Long
Haircut + Rebonding $375 $415 $455++
Pre Treatment + Post Treatment $465 $505 $565++
*Additional $50 for Curl
Volume Rebonding C Curve
Haircut + C Curve $335 $365 $405++
Pre Treatment + Post Treatment $425 $455 $510++
Rebonding Perm
Haircut + Rebonding Perm $345 $375 $405++
Pre Treatment + Post Treatment $435 $465 $510++
Hair Colour
Haircut + Root Retouch + Hair Treatment $225 $265 $285
Haircut + Inoa Root Retouch + Hair Treatment $255 $285 $315
Haircut + Whole Hair Colour + Hair Treatment $245 $285 $345
Haircut + Inoa Whole Hair Colour + Hair Treatment $275 $315 $375
Omega Rebonding
Haircut + Rebonding $315 $345 $375++
Pre Treatment + Post Treatment $405 $435 $480++
*Additional $50 for curl
  • *All prices before GST
  • *No hair cut minus – $30
  • 3 step hair treatment additional $30
  • Give cashback

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your salon specialize in?

We specialize in hair rebonding and perming.

Why are people scared of perming their hair?

As some curls may not suit the shape of some customers’ face, perming might not look appealing to them. At Do My Hair Salon, however, we dedicated to give you the perm that best suits you and to your liking.

Why do I need to rebond or perm my hair?

As some curls may not suit the shape of some customers’ face, perming might not look appealing to them. At Do My Hair Salon, however, we dedicated to give you the perm that best suits you and to your liking.

How often do I need to rebond or perm my hair?

A rebond and perm would only last for about 3-6 month depending on your hair texture. After 3-6 month you would need to have your hair rebonded or permed again. More exact timings will be given to you when you get your rebonding and perming done at Do My Hair salon.

How should I take care of my hair after perming?

You should only wash your hair, 24 hours after perming. After your hair is washed, apply a leave-on curl cream and twist while blow drying. When your hair is dried, apply some serum.

Do I need to wash my hair before coloring?

No. You should not wash your hair before coloring. Your hair requires its natural oils in order to protect your scalp from the damages of hair coloring.

How can I maintain my colored hair to ensure that it lasts longer?

Wash your hair only after 24 hours with color hair shampoo. Also, you are advised not to go swimming for at least 2 weeks.

What color best suits me?

If you can’t decide your choice color, we can suggest the color that best suits your skin tone. For further inquiries, you can come for a consultation at Do My Hair Salon.

How often do I need to dye my hair?

You can do it every 4weeks-8weeks to have a fresh look or you can just touch up your roots.

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